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Category: Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian Assistance

Help Provide Humanitarian Assistance to Flood Victims in Mbale (Uganda)

Video Credit to NTV Uganda

About this Campaign

This project will provide emergency food and non-food items to 100 vulnerable households representing over 500 individuals (women mainly widows and single mothers, children, elderly and persons with disabilities) that have been displaced by recent floods, have lost all properties/crops and are now sheltered in schools and churches.
The overall goal is to avert the looming danger of malaria, pneumonia, hunger and malnutrition by providing the targeted households with emergency life saving Mosquito nets, Blankets, Maize Flour, Beans and other basic items for life stability within the schools and churches where they are sheltered.

The disaster followed heavy rains that pounded the Bugisu and Sebei regions on July 30, 2022, forcing several rivers to burst their bunks leading to flooding and landslides in Mbale, Manafwa, Bulambuli, and Kapchorwa districts.
Up to 800 households are affected by this calamity including an industrial park, 3 health center IIIs, 14 bridges, 7 educational institutions, several hotels, and recreational facilities as well as agricultural installations.

Additionally, Crop fields have been swept away and with no harvest, roads have been made impassable. Majority of those displaced (Mainly women and children) are now living in make shift temporal structures, schools and churches around the settlements with inadequate supply of food, clean drinking water, mosquito nets, blankets and other essential commodities exposing them to the potential risks of Malaria, Pneumonia, diarrhea, hunger and malnutrition.

Use of Funds

Hope Centre Foundation (HOCEFO) will provide emergency life saving food and non-food items to 100
targeted vulnerable households that have been worst hit by the floods. Each household will be provided with 20Kgs of Maize flour, 10Kgs of Beans, 1 liter of cooking oil, 2 packets of salt, 1 bar of soap to sustain them for a period of one month.
Additionally each household will receive 1 blanket and 1 mosquito net.