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Our Work

Empowered, represented, and community driven.

“I have so many good ideas. I know what I want to do, I just need somebody to show me how.” –  Stephen, Kikuube District

We focus on specific initiatives that reflect our values, keep us on mission, and help us and our partners work towards our shared goals. With a holistic model that covers so many areas, it’s easy to get confused about what we do. This is a snapshot of the initiatives we are currently undertaking to meet the needs of our partner villages.


Years of







Our Model

We form clusters of last-mile communities that have existing economic and social relationships, live in geographic proximity, and share key infrastructure. The cluster model leverages these relationships into groups with an average size of 8 villages and a shared total population of 5,000. This creates wholesale coverage and impactful economic cooperation. We focus on 3 key areas:

Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote and advance health, digital and economic rights for vulnerable persons through community empowerment, advocacy, technology innovation, and research and service delivery.
Our Vision

Our Vision

An inclusive, healthy and poverty free society where digital, health and economic rights are protected and respected.
Core Values

Core Values

Quality Innovation Professionalism, Teamwork Efficiency Sustainability Transparency and Accountability

Our Story

Rural Smiles Foundation Previously Hope Centre Foundation was founded in November 2020 by indigenous youth members of Kibaale District later registered as a nonprofit organization 23 Feb 2023 to advocate and advance, Health, digital rights and economic rights and empowerment among vulnerable persons including refugees, persons with disabilities, sexual and ethnic minority group, sex workers, Adolescent Girls, women and children especially those in rural communities.

Uganda crisis briefing

Uganda, located in East Africa, spent decades in the grip of violent conflict before becoming host to the third largest influx of refugees in Africa. Rural Smiles Foundation helps vulnerable Ugandans recover from war and safely rebuild their communities.

How does Rural Smiles Foundation help in Uganda?

As the country struggles to recover from the effects of war and host a growing population of refugees, Rural Smiles Foundation  is focusing our efforts in helping vulnerable communities by:

  • providing women with resources and services to assure their safety, health and financial independence;
  • Teaching youth business skills.
  • providing medical equipment, training health care workers, and educating communities to improve sanitation;
Our Financials

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PROGRAM COSTS90% of our total annual budget is directed to direct program costs
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Become a Volunteer

Why We Need You

Belief in our Mission

Are you beliefs in line with our mission? Please feel free to volunteer with us whether online or on site.

Additional Skills

We need additional skills which
support and complement the existing skills of salaried
staff that will help our organisation be even more effective
in achieving its objectives


We need to involve volunteers from a variety of
backgrounds and with complementary skills so that we can learn to approach challenges
creatively and with a fresh perspective.

Community Spirit

We're aiming at bringing local
knowledge, enthusiasm and skills to our
organisation since volunteer involvement reflects
acceptance and ownership of our project or group
within the community.

Organisational Feedback

Since volunteers often feel more free to say what they

think about an organisation’s practices than paid
employees do. We see this as a resource  for our
organisation to gather information about its
practices or programmes and to make any
changes needed for future success.